Svetlana Kashirova , Plus size curvy model

17 Авг



My name is Svetlana Kashirova, I am an international plus size model of Russian origin and a psychologist.
As a plus size model I do my best to represent a picture of a confident healthy woman who wears size XL. My message is that size is noting more than figures on the inner side of a neckband and it tells nothing about personality or physical fit. I try to avoid speaking about beauty as it is too overestimated and diverging, but yes – size tells nothing about beauty either.
As a psychologist I host women groups on self esteem and self confidence, aimed at healthy and happy living within a body one is given.
In this blog I talk about my nutrition and fitness, lifestyle and model job, about my own experience of becoming good friends with my body. I must confess that I am still on my way to the absolute body positive image so I hope we will make a lot of discoveries and meet a lot of challenges together.



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