Lynn Bianchi

08 Янв

Lynn Bianchi is a photographer and multimedia artist living in the city of New York and has shown his work in over thirty solo exhibitions and in museums around the world. The work of Lynn Bianchi is a constant research on the perception and interpretation of the classical idea of female nude . She plays with a dreamy choreography, the culinary culture of the 20th century His works show, not without irony, a female world: Naked women eat spaghetti, drink tea, telefonean, and laugh. «We celebrate and ritualize, our sensuality and humanity around the food on the table. However, we seem unable to accept bodies that show excessive effects of such pleasure.» The photographs, taken gelatin silver with golden tones, are similar to charcoal drawings or photographs FRESSON aspect, so that the same area of each image serves to put our disposal the perception of beauty physics .

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Опубликовал на 08.01.2016 в art, Uncategorized


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