«Manual of etiquette for young ladies,» sex for ladies

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«Manual of etiquette for young ladies,» sex for ladies — Collective Culture — Culture Collective.

Guadalupe Loaeza satirised his own status as a «good girl» in an eponymous book that formed a trilogy and several editions since its first publication in 1985. Girls well within the archetypical models defined by the author, are these women that their social status wealthy, or at least on the surface, allowing them, while requiring them to behave like a lady , in all that this implies word. The intellectual child well, well, strawberry, liberated, the mocha, the Sonsa or university are some of the categories Loaeza, at first, defined to group the girls of high society, real and constructed , concerned about the appearance and who carry on their backs the burden of conservatism of their sex. having coffee Miss, Nuria Diaz, illustration


It’s been almost 30 years since the appearance of girls well , but first, long before the ridicule Mexico to the ladies, the nineteenth century discovered a loophole for sex, profanity and dirty intimacy that occurred in the aristocracy, described by Feather French poet Pierre Louys.


When visiting the school of philosophy, the young Pierre crossed path with figures such as André Gide, defender of gay rights and Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947, and the poet and essayist Paul Valéry. He was still a teenager when he wrote his first Louys erotic texts. Its refined narrative, his aristocratic heritage position, together with the harshness of his words that no notice of calling things by their name, the French made a worthy follower of the libertine literature of the eighteenth century.

Pierre Louys belonged to the group of the Symbolists, the writers affiliated with this movement, along with parnasianistas, were characterized by radical opposition to romanticism, to the exaltation of Self and abuse of feeling. The Symbolists defended the doctrine of art for art , this was the beginning of creation because it meant the first and absolute reason. The symbolist trend was characterized by cross the threshold of the time paving the mysteries in a symbolic description of what exists beyond the apparent reality.

This dark duality in the symbolist representatives that the same could illustrate the conflict between innocence and sin, joy and pain, the reference to substance use and recognition of women as providers of pleasure, coupled with concern use of refined, elitist, elaborate, rhythmic and evocative language, the assessment of content over form and exploration of carnal pleasures from sodomy, masturbation and sex between women surrounded Pierre Louys time who made ​​his erotic work one of the most vibrant, insolent, permissive and funny that happened at the turn of the century. Pierre Louys, nude photographs, Pierre Louys

Pierre Louys

Louys founded the magazine La Conque , publication in the room would find his first poems and figures as Moréas, Valéry and Verlaine. Astarte (1891), a collection of erotic verse, and Les Chansons de Bilitis , over a hundred Songs with lesbian issues that meant the international recognition as an exalted alleged translation of a work of classical Greece, placed him as a poet of sensuality from the elegance and good taste. Pierre Louys, Aphrodite Understanding


The work of Louys was a sleazy approach to intimacy and erotic reality of the Belle Époque. His contribution to the literature was to show the other side of the aristocracy who boasted of his high morals and boasted a false modesty while meeting in Paris brothels.

Between 1894 and 1899, French wrote texts in the form of very short sentence could read as fast, abrupt, direct dialogues and openly serving as practical advice for young ladies and his burgeoning sexuality. These letters were compiled in Dialogues of courtesans and civility Manual for girls , titles that uncovered «bad thoughts» from the ladies. There was no talk of love, but sex, masturbation, cocks and asses. Pierre Louys, nude photographs, Pierre Louys

Pierre Louys

If you propose to play «show me your cock and see my ass», 
make sure that older people do not watch.

The anthology are guidelines for play at being a whore but never to be, for fuck longer verb and the number 69 mean more than two digits. Louys recognized as a gift of virginity and pointing accuracy the steps to lose it: lie down in the middle of the bed, remove the gown or at least súbaselo to the armpits, legs apart and open your pussy lips with both hands. If the gentleman prefers to deflower her ass, immediately offer it: it is up to him to choose the way he wants.

The author divides the manual for the different occasions that feel like sex: during the dance, in the classroom, in the kitchen or the bedroom. It also has a glossary without definitions, for «raja, pussy, pipe, cocoon, cock tail, tail, cock, spliced, wiggle, sucking, licking …» are terms quite familiar to the ladies.

To make matters worse, and decency attending, there is a section on «Duty to God», among them:

Every night, before masturbating their knees pray prayers.

Enjoy the goodness of God that gives each girl a cunt for every dick in the world and, for a pleasant change-lets replace the cock tongue, licked his finger in the ass pussy and ass by mouth. 

Thank creating carrots for girls, for girls bananas, aubergines for young mothers and beets for mature ladies.

The commitment to the nation is satisfied with the recommendations to be «With the President of the Republic»:

Requested to have the honor of reciting a eulogy to the President of the Republic, do not tell the ear when the kiss: «Come home and I’ll put it stiff.»

Similarly, if you see that is a regular customer of the house where you sell your mouth, do not call it «big baby» in front of staff.

If she sleeps with him willingly and asks him to urinate in his mouth, he does not object to this act goes against the respect due to him. He knows the protocol younger than you.

 But if yours is not miss experience: «In bed with an old man», «In Bed with a friend», «With a lover» or «to suck». Finally avoid risky comparisons. Do not say: «Tough as cock, round as a cojón, my slit wet as tasty as semen, not fatter than my clit» and other expressions that are not listed in the Dictionary of the Academy. completely Read  Manual etiquette for girls : Pierre Louys — In Urbanity Manual For Teens

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