A talk with Kayla Varley | C-Heads Magazine

05 Фев

A talk with Kayla Varley | C-Heads Magazine.


“Women are beautiful to me all of the time. My idea of beauty is a warm energy and a loving heart.” Out of Los Angeles Kayla Varley´s images are like a beautiful melody of colors, shaking hair and picturesque moments. And in addition to that filled with all her lovely thoughts they glowing even more. And we wanted to know more.

Where does your love for photography come from?

My father taught me a lot of what I know today and he has inspired me as a child. He had always wanted to be a photographer but never had the chance. He always pushed me to be my best and I think his love for photography rubbed off on me.

What makes a good image to you?

A good image is an image with soul, impact, emotion, and good composition. I believe a photographer should always put a little bit of himself into an image. Without an emotional connection I think an image is that and you forget it once you’ve stopped looking at it. The images that stick in my brain are the ones where I can actually feel the photographer inside the work.

In an interview you told that you love thinking about your youth and you love empowering women. When is a woman beautiful for you?

Women are beautiful to me all of the time. My idea of beauty is a warm energy and a loving heart. Beauty comes from within- when a woman walks in a room and she has confidence, there’s nothing else like it. If a woman is hiding behind tons of makeup and a fake personality, I can see it right away and I’m instantly turned off. I love real, beautiful, strong women who know they’re sexy without having to try so hard.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

In a few years, I’ll be working my ass off in another country. I’ll be a constant traveler- I never want to stop moving.

If a song could you describe you best, which song this would be?

I don’t know of any songs that would describe who I am. I think music is too literal.

I also read you prefer staying at home. So usually where can we find you on a saturday night?

On a Saturday night, I’m at home unwinding. Candles and incense burning, maybe I’n doing yoga and I’m reading a good book. I enjoy my alone time, I cherish it. It recharges my brain and I’m most creative when I’m alone with my thoughts.

The most important thing in life is?

The most important thing is life is to try and be a better person than you were yesterday. Never give up. Never stop learning. Be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Any new-years resolutions so far?

Next year I want to be kind, understanding, and I want to take photographs every day like I used to when I was young.


















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