Lisa Yuskavage, oil female sexuality «Culture Collective

17 Авг

Lisa Yuskavage, oil female sexuality «Culture Collective.

«The supervisor who takes the woman within is male: the female is supervised. Thus turns herself into an object, and particularly in a visual object, in a vision, «
John Berger, Ways of Seeing

Lisa Yuskavage, American artist, working with nude female sexual content in oil, watercolor and graphics that have caused critics in the art world. Rarely in the history of art has depicted women as sexually active character, this because the treatment of a female nude is given from a male point of view and presents the  fairer sex  as an object that is available to satisfy the desire of men.

Through figurative painting, female body disproportion, the use of a limited palette of colors and hues, rich in oil, the sleek and uniform stroke Yuskavage makes games between the pictorial and linear large-scale works that invite recreate in curved shapes, figures refer to nature, to the feminine, fertility, life and the natural from artificial content and cartoony; unclear and ambivalent.

The speech of the female nude and woman as object satisfying the man from painting male breaks with Lisa, for her women are not represented as objects of desire but as individuals who can satisfy their desires and desiring subjects assumed as well as sexually complacent. In this way the female body is loan and not claim, nor male possession of the spectator in sight, the woman belongs, his desire and pleasure is your responsibility. It’s a woman looking and looking, which means for her and through other means without being an object, not belong.

The paintings are not aggressive, despite being provocative are nice to look through the colors, and although the theme is «strong» we can place them in a context where explicit sexual content from a female viewpoint, does not develop in paint. The pictorial medium is tool for displaying a position of acceptance of female sexuality without taking a social or political criticism, invites us to look at the issue from private spaces become public.

Yuskavage has ambivalent readings of female sexuality, each person constructs and deconstructs concepts around it in this way, Lisa provides us «their monsters» to interpret and enter into a fictional universe from its vision and nude erotic transgression from oil.

A broken beauty of Theodore L. Prescott.
Ways of Seeing by John Berger
From the center: feminist essays on womens art of Lucy Lippard.
«Purple Interview: Lisa Yuskavage» Sabine Heller in Purple Fashion Magazine.
«Naked Truth» from Charlotte Sinclair in British Vogue.


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