Come and see the mysterious cave! |

06 Июл

Come and see the mysterious cave! |

It is not right to say what you will find if you dig a little into the ground. In 1835 went James Newlove and dug in the English soil near Margate in Kent and best as relaxed with the spade, fried he through the ceiling of a large man-made cave. James had encountered something that would prove to be a bit of a mystery.

The underground cave consisted of a good 21m long corridor that led to a chamber of 5x6m. The walls of both the time and the chamber was covered with a mosaic created a multi-million seashells (190 square meters in total, so you can even count for). The panels in the mosaic depicts small-mystical abstract things like skeletons, crocodiles, owls and turtles, things that would be associated with witchcraft and all sorts of witchcraft. The mosaic contains, however, no direct traces of cave builder.

There are, of course, emerged a multitude of theories about cave origin. From the ubiquitous Knights Templar, the ancient druids, but there is still no consensus on either the cave age, or purpose. Mussel shells are from local areas, but the motives likeness to Indian or Egyptian, art. You have obviously tried to dates mussels with Karbon14 samples, but soot from oil and gas lamps used by visitors to the 1800s has been associated with shells and has so far made it impossible to dating.

There may well be a practical joke, or an enormous scam, but it can not have been easy to transport 4.6 million seashells to the site without locals bed mark in it. It has also been suggested that the cave is a so-called Folly . A building without meaning or goal that English men of wealth built on their land in the 17 — and 1800s ( has a record of follies here ). The cave is located on land that was never part of a manor house, so the theory is a little hole. A Folly used also like to embarrass themselves with and it makes no sense to build it underground in secret.

The mysterious cave is registered as a national treasure, but has been open to the public since 1837 and still attracts visitors every year. It costs £ 3 for adults and £ 1.5 for children, more unfortunately I can not say about the case.

Ok, if I have to be honest, it smells horribly of road-side attraction . Margate was one of the early 1800s large excursion (it’s also still a popular seaside resort). Bathing in the sea was contemporary wellness trend and wealthy Englishmen took to the coast to swim and healthy in droves. It is not entirely inconceivable that an enterprising farmer built himself a ‘ mysterious ‘cave which the wealthy bathers could see a clear dime when it was not beach weather. I just do not like to ruin a good mystery.

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