24 Hours in Melbourne Part 2

12 Июн

Sechys Diary


Ahhh, the streets are calling. My hubby really captured the vibrant colours of Melbournes laneways. Before heading out on our exploration, we stopped by a cosy cafe tucked inside one of the laneways for a couple of coffees. I pulled out my little map and away we went.


Street art is what makes Mlebourne so unique. Hosier Lane is the most popular place to start. Wander the cobbled roads and you may get lucky and run into an artist creating a new piece of work like we did.


A photographers dream..


A Fashion Bloggers DREAM!!


Thankyou for stopping by 🙂 I really appreciate your support and viewership. The interaction is what makes blogging so worthwhile and I love connecting with like minded people.

As you may have realised I am obsessed with Twitter  but I have been using Facebook a little bit more lately. If you would like to follow…

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