Vintage photos from New-York

15 Май


Charleston Champions, 1926

The Charleston Champions invaded New York City in 1926. These lovely ladies comprised the traveling dance team. Charleston dance established itself during the Jazz period.

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Prohibition, 1925

In another public show of prohibition, 10,000 barrels of beer are dumped at an army base in Brooklyn into the New York City harbor.


Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Crawford, 1929

A young Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. are seen in 1929. Crawford would go on to star in 1945’s «Mildred Pierce.» Fairbanks is the son of Douglas Fairbanks, star of «The Mask of Zorro.»


Babe Ruth, 1926

Looks like spring training wasn’t just for baseball practice! Legend Babe Ruth poses alongside bathing beauties in 1926.


42nd Street in Manhattan, 1928

Here’s what the south side of 42nd Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, in Manhattan looked like in 1928. A year later, the structures would be torn down to build the Daily News building.

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