Сюр от Литовской художницы- фотографа Natalie Shau

28 Янв

Lithuania-based mixed media artist Natalie Shau combines her expertise in photography and illustration to produce wildly surreal portraits. The multifaceted artist, who finds inspiration from religious motifs and fairy tales, manipulates her photos to offer more than the average fashion photograph. She digitally paints and illustrates aspects of each image to add a bizarre element. Her fine detail makes it difficult to tell if the shots are simply photographs or constructed illustrations.
In addition to her masterful technique, Shau’s subjects reflect an evident gothic style. Several of her images echo the somber themes of the Dark Ages, while others are brightly lit yet evoke a similar sense of desolation. Fascinatingly, there is also a coexistence of strength and fragility in each of Shau’s female subjects in her latest series entitled Dreams II.



Natalie Shau’s website

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Опубликовал на 28.01.2012 в арт


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